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Research Group

Support for Persons with Disabilities

Research on Vocational Assessment

The Group conducts researches on vocational assessment of persons with disabilities (assessment of work ability and aptitude and judgement of necessary vocational rehabilitation program).
For examples, the improvement of existing assessment techniques, the introduction of assessment methods taking characteristics of disabilities into consideration and the redefinition of assessment contents corresponding to new employment system / working system are included.
It also develops assessment methods to identify characteristics for the subjects of the work preparation support services carried out by the Local Vocational Centers and the support services by job coaches as well as to check the status of upgrading and improvement of skills as a training effect.
Furthermore, it develops planning techniques to identify characteristics of disabilities and support measures as well as vocational rehabilitation techniques that can be jointly applicable in cooperation with employers and family members.

Research on Vocational Counseling

The Group conducts re-searches on methods to support vocational counseling as a main, vocational guidance and vocational adaptation.
For example, the effective methods to provide vocational information corresponding to disability characteristics, the vocational counseling and vocational guidance to help vocational independence, the development of method for vocational guidance against mismatch between the ability and aptitude versus desire of persons with disabilities and the acceptance of disability are included. It also conducts researches on techniques for vocational rehabilitation counseling.

Research on Abilities Development

The Group conducts researches on improvement and development of techniques to enable effective training and guidance for the work preparation support services carried out by the Local Vocational Centers and the support services by job coaches.
It also tackles with researches in relation with "the Workplace Return Support Program" and "the Workplace Readaptation Support Program" carried out by the Vocational Rehabilitation Center to develop effective techniques and programs to support persons with higher brain dysfunction and mental disabilities.

Support for Employers

Research on Employment Management

The Group conducts researches on employment management to ensure workplace adaptation and continued employment of persons with disabilities.
For example, wide range themes on such as the employment management of hiring / assigning / promoting, of career formation / education / ability development / workplace communication, of wages / work time, the job design and the personal support corresponding to disability characteristics and the safety / health / welfare are included.
Furthermore, it also conducts researches on the characteristics and changes of social prejudice, attitude and awareness as well as welfare system so as to maintain and upgrade vocational life of persons with disabilities.

Research on Adapting Environment

The Group conducts re-searches and developments from mainly an engineering viewpoint to support persons with disabilities in adapting into workplaces.
For example, the developments and improvements of the work support technical-aids and software supplementing disabilities necessary to perform works as well as the collection, analysis and arrangement of information on work environment and improved equipment are included.
So far, it has developed and marketed the Windows screen reading software "95 Reader (Ver.6.0: XP Reader)" for persons with visual disabilities, the Large & Small Keyboard for persons with functional limitation on upper limbs and the Personal Computer User Support Manuals for persons with intellectual disabilities. These are all sold in the market. In addition, it has created a database software storing work-place improvement examples of 1,277 cases.

Research on Employment System

The Group conducts researches on disability employment and vocational rehabilitation from a macro-view-point.
For example, the analysis of trend and status of labor market for persons with disabilities, the measures to expand opportunities of employment and work for persons with disabilities as well as the ideal vocational rehabilitation are included.
Furthermore, it collects, analyzes and arranges information on the actual employment / work status of persons with disabilities, the labor related law system, employment promotion framework and employment / work support system and the private employment management / career support for persons with disabilities from overseas countries so as to seek for effective measures to expand employment of persons with disabilities in Japan.

Social Support

Research on Characteristics of Disabilities

As labour market and working styles are rapidly changing, and support technologies and services of medicine, health, welfare, or education, etc. are developed, needs for vocational rehabilitation are being greatly diversified. We conduct researches on characteristics needed for working lives of persons with disabilities including aptitudes and physiological / psychological abilities, and effects of various emerging disabilites on them. Also are conducted researches how to achieve an independent vocational living throughout working life cycle.

Research on Social System

We conduct researches on social system effectively supporting working lives of persons with disabilities along with their families and employers, in which community resources of medicine, health, welfare, or education, etc. are wellcoordinated with vocational rehabilitation services. Also effective information services concerning vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities are studied.