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Purpose and Methods

Purpose of Researches/Surveys

  1. To improve the quality of vocational rehabilitation services provided by the Large Region Vocational Centers and the Local Vocational Centers as well as to expand employment fields and to improve the vocational life for persons with disabilities, as the research results.
  2. To contribute to develop pioneer and systematic vocational rehabilitation techniques by conducting researches based on the research results in such fields as psychology, education, medicine, sociology, social welfare, economy and rehabilitation engineering as well as the practical vocational rehabilitation experiences.
  3. To contribute to vocational rehabilitation and implementation of related policies on employment for persons with disabilities by conducting researches in close tie with the related government agencies and other organizations.

Methods of Researches/Surveys

To effectively conduct surveys and researches on various themes, the Research Sector is divided into three groups: Research Group on Support for Persons with Disabilities, Research Group on Support for Employers and Research Group on Social Support. Research Managers are appointed to oversee activities of each group.
The Research Sector fully recognizes the needs of the Large Region Vocational Centers and the Local Vocational Centers to reflect them into the annual concrete research plan and cooperates with the Vocational Rehabilitation Center which engages in developing vocational rehabilitation techniques so as to produce useful research results.
Likewise, if necessary, the Research Sector collects and analyzes information and data concerning the themes of surveys and researches in cooperation with the Large Region Vocational Centers, the Local Vocational Centers and other related organizations and associations.