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Database Basic - Sample Version

1. Outline

This is a sample of the software used in the "Data Processing - Basic Course" contest at the 7th International Abilympics which was held in November 2007. The contest consists of two tasks, the "Data Entry" and the "Data Correction". The former is the task to input the content of Reader's Card into the form shown on the screen. The latter is the task to correct information shown on the screen in accordance with the content of the Customer's Card. The operating time is 60 minutes for each task. When 60 minutes have passed, the screen for the task will close, and the processed data and information about mistakes will be saved automatically.
This software made use of the kernel part of the software "Let's Try Data Entry!" developed for persons with intellectual disabilities by the National Institute of Vocational Rehabilitation in 2006, with translating data of tasks and description of screen into English.
For more information about the sample software and its operation, please refer to the attached operation manual. Please also print out the attached PDF data, in which 300 Reader's Cards for the "Data Entry" and 400 Customer's Cards for the "Data Correction" are included.

2. The contents to be downloaded

(1) Database Basic Sample Version
(2) PDF Data of "Reader's Card" and "Customer's Card"
(3) Operation Manual - English Version
(4) Operation Manual - Japanese Version

3. The Required Operating System and Application Software

Windows XP English Version
Microsoft Access 2003 English Version
*The performance of the software under different condition from the above is not guaranteed.

4. The Date of Development of the Software

March 2007

5. The Research Report Related to the Software

Development of "Let's Try Data Entry!"
-Research on Development of the Tool for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities to Use Computers -, Research Report No77.


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