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Results of Development of Support Techniques for People with Higher Brain Dysfunction

Practical Report No. 38(issued March 2021)(japanese) As "memory disorders" is a task to support people with higher brain dysfunction, we worked on the development of "the learning curriculum for people with memory disorders" which referred to the memory training program developed in Australia for patients with memory disorders. And we drew up a practical report which collects details of contents, implementation methods of the curriculum and so on. Comprehensive constitution including psychoeducation regarding functional memory process, internal strategies and external aids for improving memory performance is characteristic of this curriculum.
The recording media which recorded course materials, etc. of this curriculum is attached in the end of a volume.

Results of Development of Support Techniques for People with Mental Disorders

Practical Report No. 37(issued March 2021)(japanese) We worked on "the rearrangement of the curriculum of the Job Design Supporting Program". In this work, we arranged clearly overall image and the component of the job design supporting program which changed with developing and adding various support techniques, while it passed from the initiation of the job design supporting program more than 15 years. And we made the practical report which gathered the concrete contents and implemental method of each program, devise in the program enforcement, and examples of the support.

Results of Development of Support Techniques for People with Developmental Disorders

Practical Report No. 36(issued March 2021)(japanese) The work system supporting program"Improvement of the relaxation skill training"
Practical Report No. 36 (Published in March 2021)
We have developed three new programs to complement relaxation skills training, which allows students to learn and practice stress and fatigue, from the perspective of improving self-monitoring of body sensations, thoughts, and feelings. We have compiled a practical report summarizing the contents of the program, how to implement it, points to note, and examples of support.
We attach the recording medium which recorded the teaching materials to use it in individual support in the end of a volume.