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Developing a Learning Curriculum for Attention Disorders

Support Manual No.24(issued March 2023)(japanese) This support manual introduces support methods focusing on the attention function, which is the foundation of all cognitive functions such as memory and information processing.
The curriculum aims to enable persons with brain injury to learn the characteristics of their own attention disorder and explain it to others, learn coping methods compensate for their attention disorder, and organize the accommodation they require in the workplace.

Support for self-management of work literacy and working life

Support Manual No.23(issued March 2023)(japanese) This manual introduces support methods for people on leave due to depression or other mental illnesses to achieve "healthy and stable working life" after returning to the workplace.
In addition to improving the current career guidance, we have compiled into the manual a course on work literacy, which are the basic skills necessary for working, and a course on self-management of physical condition and other issues under teleworking.
This manual also includes a list of issues that may arise under teleworking, which is easy for young people to work on.

Developing a Vocational Counseling Support Tools to Help People with Developmental Disorders Utilize Their Strengths

Support Manual No.22(issued March 2023)(japanese) This manual introduces support methods aimed at helping people with developmental disorders to focus on their own "strengths" and use them in their working life to enhance their self-esteem.
People with developmental disorders are generally said to have difficulty in having positive self-concepts and feelings, but by enhancing their self-esteem, it is expected that they will be able to accurately communicate their own selling points and actively seek jobs.