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Assessment of reinstatement of persons with higher brain dysfunction

Practical Report No.40 (issued March 2022)(japanese) When returning to work for persons with higher brain dysfunction, it is necessary to collect a wide range of information on both employees on leave and business owners, and to provide systematic support in time for returning to work. Therefore, we have developed support tools for collecting information, grasping support issues, formulating support policies, and smoothly sharing information with business owners, and summarized how to systematically utilize those tools.
Please use this when promoting support for returning to work for persons with higher brain dysfunction, especially when considering coordination methods with business owners.

Work management support for people with developmental disabilities who are in the office or on leave

Practical Report No.39(issued March 2022)(japanese) When promoting the establishment of a workplace for people with developmental disabilities, it is important to support them in improving their ability to manage work performance, which is said to be difficult.
Therefore, in this report, we introduced the viewpoints and methods for assessing work management ability, and developed tools for grasping issues and coping methods for work management based on these viewpoints.
Please use it when analyzing problems and considering coping methods with people with developmental disabilities who have work management problems such as repeating the same mistakes.

Job Rehearsal

Support Manual No. 21(issued March 2022)(japanese) This is an improved support manual for "Job Rehearsal" for those who are on leave due to depression, etc. to verify the knowledge they learned for returning to work in an environment close to the workplace.
In this improvement, we have incorporated evaluation items related to work performance and task work that can be carried out independently for infectious disease control. In addition, we made improvements based on the needs of companies and support organizations, such as establishing an implementation pattern that sets the roles required for each position.